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Free to enjoy the foods you want

In a world filled with so much choice, we shouldn’t have to substitute health and happiness for taste. We are free to have a vegan, dairy-free and / or gluten-free life, so we should also have the freedom to enjoy our foods; foods with full flavours and a variety of tastes.


be a freestyler

Empower your choices with Freestyle Foods.

Our commitment is to build a community with the confidence in our products to deliver health and happiness with flavour and taste. Cheers to feeling safe with the highest standards of quality, and pride yourself on supporting our brands that reinvest in community groups, associations and charities for the health and wellbeing of those that need help.

Freestyling together we can make a difference!


At your service

Freestyle Foods manufactures products sold throughout Australia and Internationally. Our manufacturing facilities, and our expertise, are utilised for food service products available to our partners in the food industry around the world. We are available should you wish for supply into your business and we would be happy to discuss any opportunities where we can be of assistance. Please contact our head office for further information.