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freestyle bakehouse

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As a child a bakery represented delicious fresh, yummy satisfying food straight from the bakers hands that we would go of a weekend and indulge in fresh bread as well as some treats for everyone. Not all the packets survived the trip home. For some reason it always just tasted better from the bakery.

Gluten Free, Me, Me, Me. Freestyle Bakehouse products are the grass-roots bakery goods that are gluten free and largely difficult to either make yourself or source elsewhere due to the challenges of baking without gluten. For us, its just business as usual and what we do every day. Some of these tasty baked goods include:

  • Breads (GF)

  • Sweet and Savoury Muffins (GF)

  • Banana Bread (GF)

  • Savoury pastries, pies and rolls (GF)

Coming soon.